About us

The philosophy

Increasingly motivated to preserve the value of the environmental, historical and artistic heritage of the territory where it operates, the company does not fail to adopt guidelines that promote the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, such as filling the cushions with recycled polystyrene beads, the fabrics being 100% recyclable. The fibers used for the fabrics guarantee the durability and resistance of the products over the years. The wood used comes from sustainably managed forests (Winter Collection) and the finishes are linked to natural products free of toxic substances.

The research

The company approaches the design project by experimenting with materials and interpreting the characteristics that make them unique and different. The technicians who collaborate with Malvina share and interpret this research work by creating a collection of coherent and quality products.

Technical knowledge combined with curiosity for shapes and seams gave the ability to overcome traditional barriers between inside and outside. Interest in research has enabled the development of innovative materials; balance provided the key to reading form. The complexity of the stitching of each model gives us the most realistic result of the animal.


Browsing through the MX HOME catalog, we discover new atmospheres, balanced and essential, based on opposites that attract each other with simplicity and moderation: the past and the present, the exterior and the interior, tradition and technology.

Innovative projects for appearance and performance, where the choice of materials is essential. Original pieces intended to last over time, either for the functional qualities or for the character of the chromatic and aesthetic choices.


His journey

Malvina, a graduate of the Istituto Marangoni in Paris, praised by her peers for her creativity, initially worked in different worlds such as New York, Dubai, London. Participating with her enthusiasm in different projects, mixing her creativity with management and marketing: she discovered the world of start-ups a few years ago.

Her love of nature and the marine world brings her back to the shores of the Mediterranean, and thus rediscovers the shimmer of color, light, movement, matter. Very quickly she decided to open her own company, and laid the cornerstone of her imagination.

From his earliest childhood, his dreams became symbols, such as Christmas. Malvina then launched a collection of decorative trees: in recyclable fabric, wood and feather. All while enhancing the renewed magic of this ancestral celebration.

From his many fights for nature and animals, a collection of decorative objects emerges around the theme of marine animals and aquatic fantasies.

His project

At the heart of its first collections the orientation is already defined: Nature, Light, Noble Materials, Solar Colors and Trends.


Specialist in the manufacture of all types of cushions, we have developed solutions to meet all the requests of our customers with tailor-made services. Whether you are an individual or a professional (hotel, restaurant, boutique, interior designer, etc.), we can offer you solutions for your project.